Geri D' Fyniz


The Black C.O.D.E

by Geri D' Fyniz

Released 08/10/2018
D' Fyniz Enterprises
Released 08/10/2018
D' Fyniz Enterprises
On The Black C.O.D.E aka (Black Commitment of Daily Empowerment), Geri D' Fyniz advocates for consistent Black pride, the unapologetic display of Black love, and the resurgence of the Black warrior class.
Geri's main agenda is to create content owned and controlled by Black people that encourages empowerment as a daily lifestyle for Black people.

On the 1st single "Talk Black To Me", Geri takes a non-conventional approach of spreading consciousness to an audience that is often ignored "The Streets".

On the 2nd single "Buck 50", Geri reassures listeners that he stands by every lyric he spews. The record can also be viewed as a disclaimer to any 1…
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