Geri D' Fyniz


Geri D' Fyniz - Artist | Songwriter | Music Producer | Entrepreneur

"My Music echoes my Lifestyle, Black Empowerment over EVERYTHING" - Geri D' Fyniz

Geri D’ Fyniz is an American Music Artist, Songwriter, Music Producer and Entrepreneur from Chicago, IL.

Born as the youngest to a former Print Model/Cosmetologist and Street Hustler whom both embraced different versions of entrepreneurial efforts, Geri always keeps his ear to the streets and is about complete ownership and control of his brand.

Geri's main agenda is to use propagated messages to encourage black empowerment in all areas of activity. However, it doesn't just stop with his music or YouTube channel of GeriDFyinzTVGeri wants Black Empowerment to become a daily lifestyle for all like-minded Black people. 

Geri's debut album "For Tha Culture" speaks of empowering Black people collectively. It also advocates for the redistribution of wealth within Hip-Hop to it's original creators.

On the 1st single "Talk Black To Me", Geri takes a non-conventional approach of spreading consciousness to an audience that is often ignored "The Streets". Over a "Trap-Type Beat" from Chicago based producer Frytz, Geri D' Fyniz delivered 2 minutes & 52 seconds of unlimited bars ranging from terrorism by "Race Soldier" cops to Black Economic growth. 

On the 2nd single "Buck 50", also produced by Frytz, Geri reassures listeners that he stands by every lyric he spews & nothing will be taken back. This record doesn't specifically have the same Black Empowerment vibe, but serves as a precursor of what to expect on the entire project. 

Geri D' Fyniz is delivering Hip Hop in it's truest form without filters against oppression.

Geri D' Fyniz believes that every serious up and coming independent artist should know how to fuel the entire process of their musical career. As his own label owner (D' Fyniz Enterprises), video director, graphic designer, occasional engineer, and music publisher, Geri embodies true INDEPENDENCE.

I love the fact that I wear various hats when it comes to my music...I'm not trying to do it alone but refuse to wait for anything or anyone” -  Geri D' Fyniz

So without further due please show your love for Geri D’ Fyniz and D’ Fyniz Enterprises.