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Hello World... Meet Geri D'Fyniz


Geri D’Fyniz is an American music artist, songwriter, music producer, and manager from Chicago, IL.

“This jack of all trades has picked up all the skills needed to stand independently in an unforgiving industry” -  Brian Francis of

 "Plain and simple, Geri D’Fyniz is a triple threat. Soulful voice? Check. Meaningful lyrics? Check. Great beats? Check. “-Lillie Mae of SIR Mag 

"I'm Defiantly Opinionated Please Enjoy" says Geri D'Fyniz loud and clear on his latest EP. In a brash yet informative tone Geri D'Fyniz shines light on an array of real life topics ranging from social issues plaguing young black men to nice guys finishing last. This project provides the average person with a soundtrack to their life. 

Geri D'Fyniz represents the Future of Independent Entertainment. As his own label owner, video director and music publisher, Geri embodies true INDEPENDENCE.

“I love the fact that I wear various hats when it comes to my music...I'm not trying to do it alone but refuse to wait for anything or anyone” - Geri D'Fyniz

Geri has now began managing the career of upcoming Artist/Music Producer J.Gram WilliamsJ.Gram is featured on the "I'm D.O.P.E" EP with a verse and production on the track "Not A Game". J.Gram also provides hot verses on the tracks "Life Is A Gamble and I Know". 

So without further due please show your love for Geri D’Fyniz and D’Fyniz Enterprises.


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