Geri D' Fyniz


Geri D' Fyniz - Artist | Songwriter | Music Producer | Entrepreneur

Geri D'Fyniz at Palmer Park in Chicago

"My Music echoes my Lifestyle, Black Empowerment over EVERYTHING" - Geri D' Fyniz

Geri D’ Fyniz is an American Music Artist, Songwriter, Music Producer and Entrepreneur from Chicago, IL.

Born as the youngest to a former Print Model/Cosmetologist and Street Hustler allowed Geri D' Fyniz to embrace different versions of hustle and ownership. 

Geri's main agenda is to create content that encourages empowerment as a daily lifestyle for Black people. 

It took Geri D' Fyniz 15 years to find the right lane, voice, and niche to relay his overall message to the music industry. With that patience, Geri now delivers the debut Street Album The Black C.O.D.E

On The Black C.O.D.E aka (Black Commitment of Daily Empowerment), Geri D' Fyniz advocates for consistent Black pride, the unapologetic display of Black love, and the resurgence of the Black warrior class.

In current times predominantly throughout the United States and other countries worldwide, the rise of white supremacy has become more pronounced and more violent. 

Geri's overall intention is to embolden freedom fighting warriors committed to ending this oppression for good. 

Geri D' Fyniz is delivering Hip Hop in it's truest form without filters against oppression.