Geri D'Fyniz loathes back biting snake individuals with a passion, but instead of busting their head till the white meat shows he decided to make a song about them. Geri also brought along J.Gram Williams for the ride as they trade 24 bar verses each sharing true stories of how they eliminated disloyal people from their lives permanently.

On this record Geri D'Fyniz created the unofficial anthem to each every hardworking person trying to earn a living in the world. Unappreciated workers worldwide will agree that now their voice is represented and even if they're too afraid to speak up the lyrics on this track do it loud and clear. The record was produced by J.Gram Williams the first Artist/Music Producer managed by D'Fyniz Enterprises.

On this track Geri D'Fyniz & J.Gram Williams metaphorically compare the risk of living every day life to gambling for monetary gain.  The record speaks with a overall theme of risking it all for success especially since living life is unexpected and not guaranteed. 

With this track Geri examines the daily rituals, struggles, and triumphs seen through eyes of a positive young black man living in a negative environment. Even with so much negativity against him he strives to achieve success



The Kwality Control Vol. 2 (Ready To Win) project discusses the challenging yet ambitious journey an independent artist may face while in pursuit of their music career. Throughout all of the hard times or unexpected circumstances one must make up in their mind that success is the only option at the end of the day. In spite of best friends becoming enemies and the music industry being a dog eat dog world Geri D'Fyniz still delivers a true yet passionate look at what he has encountered on the never ending journey to success. Geri also showcases his versatile style of music creation ranging from the subject matter of saying a heartfelt prayer to God to finally surrendering to love. The main purpose of the project is to show the world that entertainment can be informative and displaying what makes you different is ultimately rewarding.


This track is a combination of controversial informative knowledge. It discusses the difficult trials an unsigned or independent artist may encounter in their hometown from media outlets, other artists, or just their own rough environment. It also speaks as a motivational voice to Artists to reach for great things. Only the strong will ultimately survive the real test of time.



This song is dedicated to anyone that wants to achieve great things in life despite what background they have came from. It speaks as a motivational voice through encouragement and inspires people to use any negativity to fuel them to go for success.



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