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"In today's music industry just being an Artist simply isn't enough. You must diversify your skills in order to make an impact or to simply just be relevant. With that being said I present to you J.Gram Williams". - Geri D'Fyniz

J.Gram Williams is an music artist, songwriter, and music producer from Chicago, IL. J.Gram's hustle is reminiscent to current Artist/Music Producer hybrids like J.Cole and Big K.R.I.T. If you are an artist that can't get quality production or studio time you either have to save up your pennies, give up the mic, or simply become a DIY professional.

J.Gram Williams was faced with that decision earlier in his career, but with a stroke of luck and having a natural born hustler mindset he bet on himself and won.

Originally a part of an up and coming 3 man Hip Hop group J.Gram's passion for music was a mere afterthought. However, after the ultimate demise of the group due to mismanagement and internal rifts J.Gram set out on a path to become a music producer.

In 2005 J.Gram met Geri D'Fyniz at the Underground Station store in the River Oaks shopping center and the rest is history. After meeting they created and released several songs produced by the both of them.

J.Gram is currently featured on Geri D'Fyniz's "I'm D.O.P.E" EP with a verse and production on the track "Not A Game". J.Gram also provides hot verses on the tracks "Life Is A Gamble and I Know".

As of 2014 J.Gram Williams is now being managed by Geri D'Fyniz and his D'Fyniz Enterprises imprint and is also in the process of releasing his own debut EP on his own Street Melody Drum Majors imprint.

Stay tuned as J.Gram Williams pursues greatness with no filter.


Production Credits:

Geri D'Fyniz - Money Grind 


Geri D'Fyniz - Not A Game (Feat. J.Gram Williams)


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