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Geri D' Fyniz
Geri D' Fyniz


With this record, Geri D' Fyniz pays tribute to the late great James Brown by declaring "I'm Black and I'm Proud" in a modern day manner. The overall message is about ending systematic oppression and replacing it with justice for all.



They say...
You a threat simply cause your melanin
But them dreads down ya neck really make them hella scared
They say ya sage will be harmful in the air
Asking why you wear a cross with an oval on the end
They say that voodoo that you practice is a sin
And why do you have an evil eye tattoo on ya wrist
They say you the reason that your neighborhoods ain't shit
And you so violent cause of rap music
They say ya lazy need to get up off ya ass
Blaming others for ya struggle
Steady living in the past
We all got opportunity you sit back and you nag
You people need to pull ya self up by ya boot straps
They say you can't succeed
Cause ya living life angry
Need to just get over it
It's 2017
They say a lot of bull shit as you can see
Cause they just tryna maintain supremacy

(Hook) 2x
I'm not sorry (For ya fear)
I'm not sorry (For ya rage)
I'm not sorry (For ya tears)
I'm not sorry (For ya pain)
I'm not sorry (That ya mad)
I'm not sorry (That ya hate)
I'm not sorry...
Cause you don't probably give a fuck anyway

They say her booty and hips looking inappropriate
Cause she wearing clothes that fit
Teaching fourth graders
They tryna demonize what you were born with
Then get all nipped and tucked tryna duplicate it
They steady bash you for big beautiful lips
Cause theirs are paper thin till they get collagen
And they wanna criticize all your native customs
Till they steal them for them for themselves like their ancestors
They love to prop up fools that are spewing their rhetoric
Cause they hide behind them tryna look less racist
It's sick some fools do it for attention
Don't even gotta give em money to pimp em
Ridiculous they label truth speakers as villians
Cause we go against the grain of status quo up in this prison
They do a lot of bull shit as I mentioned
Cause they steady tryna reign as supremacists

(Hook) 2x

They say we can't do right
They say our youth are bad
They mean we should act white and try not to be so black
We get the blame of the results inherited from subjugation
Then get called feeble minded while getting miseducated
Some how they still find a way to keep the focus off them
By staying true to their code saying there is no racism
They put this lie into existence that they practice like religion
Cause they know if "god" is in it it's easy to trick a nigga
It's the brutal honest truth
We've had years of proof
I'm telling you to solider up as I spit in this booth
Being scared won't help you cause we're living in war
If you ain't tryna live free then what are you living for
I'm only give you the cure to get rid of disease
So if you wanna stay sick stay the fuck away from me
They will die to stay on top of this world literally
Stay woke this is a system of white supremacy

(Hook) 4x

Geri D' Fyniz
Geri D' Fyniz, Young Nye


No major deal, no cosigns, and no excuses. Geri D' Fyniz lives life with extreme tenacity. With that said Geri alongside Chester, PA rapper Young Nye created the ultimate victory track. The record speaks to any weary warriors that may need a boost in order to persevere. In the hook Geri acknowledges the fact that the struggle comes before success. However, both of these artists spit lyrics as victors instead of victims of the circumstances.


(Young Nye)
I try to tell them man…
Just keep hating it’s motivation of here baby…
It’s a lot of money to be made you understand…
From PA to Chi-Town…
D’Fyniz Enterprises

If it ain’t hard then it ain’t worth it/
If they ain’t hating then you ain’t working/
But if it is don’t ever quit/
Cause you’re about to get the win/

(Young Nye)
I ain’t got a plan B cause I’m good with rap/
And moving forward to my dreams no looking back/
Feeling strange cause these haters trying to push me back/
We in a game full of suckers/
Bunch of pussy cats/
I told them never will I lose/
I’m in it for the win/
Duffle full of cash I’mma spend ever end/
I won’t settle for a five/
I’m in it for a ten/
I gotta live it up for my niggas in the pen/
I put on for my city tell them hate on that/
Playing tag with the money made it chase me back/
And I don’t think you broke niggas can relate to that/
They wanna see me downfall and the prey on that/
You gotta grind for what you want/
I don’t wait on jack/
I’m putting pressure on the game/
Heavy weight on cats/
A bunch of dirty ass niggas/
Tell them soak in soap/
The grind is like a drug to me and I overdose/


(Bridge) 4x
You gotta/
Keep Going 2x
Right Now/
Keep Going 2x

(Geri D'Fyniz)
Seems like the closer I get the challenge really increases/
But I was built for hard times so the struggle can’t beat me/
I’m so deep up in this hustle/
Muh fuckas can’t see me/
Cause y’all steady chasing a deal while I’m build a legacy/
I really could care less about my local buzz/
Cause I’m international fool building global love/
My fans speak a different language but know how to say D’Fyniz/
So the fact that suckers hate means I’m doing it right/
I don’t pay people to listen they do it on their own/
That’s probably why they know the lyrics to all of my songs/
And I don’t have to sell tickets or pay for shows/
These rappers saying they pimps/
But they really are hoes/
Cause they was told something sweet that they wanted to hear/
Now they think they’re blowing with a successful career/
But y’all were led to a dead end/
Cause big things don’t fall out the sky/
You gotta make them happen/
For real/

(Hook) 4x

(Bridge) 4x

Geri D' Fyniz
Geri D' Fyniz, J.Gram Williams


On this track Geri D' Fyniz & J.Gram Williams metaphorically compare the risk of living every day life to gambling for monetary gain. Produced over Brass section, Pizzi Violin, and Drum infused excellence Geri D' Fyniz displays his production skills in creative fashion. The record speaks with a overall theme of risking it all for success especially since living life is unexpected and life isn't guaranteed.


[Intro: Geri D' Fyniz]
They say life is what you make it…
Whether you going all in…
Or you to scared to try…
But question is…
Which one you doing…
Let’s go…

[Verse: Geri D' Fyniz]
I’m from that neighborhood known as Roseland/
Grind hard is the slogan/
Hustling in my blood line/
So this life wasn’t chosen/
As a kid I stayed focused/
On making money my friend/
That’s why I don’t know what broke is/
I’ve been committed to putting greatness in everything/
The game need a spark/
And I’m the gasoline/
Lyrical fire coming out of my lips/
Making suckers wanna retire every time that I spit/
I go up against the odds and challenge statistics/
Like I’m playing a dice game and I don’t feel like quitting/
Just let it ride/
I’m relentless/
And never trying to limit/
How far I wanna go/
Going high in the music business/
A strong black king/
I feel so proud/
If I fail reaching for stars/
I’ll still land on a cloud/
I’m saying it real loud/
I will not lose/
I made it through the hard times/
And paid all of my dues fool/

[Hook: Geri D' Fyniz]2x
Every day is a card game/
And nights are like blackjack/
I’m searching for 21s/
To make all my chips stack/
I’m never gone fold/
If pressures too hard to handle/
I’m betting it all/
Because my life is a gamble/

[Verse: J.Gram Williams]
We betting these horses/
Just to cop a chain and put a gate around a fortress/
Just to say we fly to put that G5 up in orbit/
And all we need is fans who resisting they soar/
Man its snakes in the grass/
Old friends from the pass might interrupt your class/
Cause you never came back to put a tip up in his glass/
And this becomes a trend and it spreads like a rash/
And I don’t wear diapers/
You can stay up off my ass/
Do we do it for the flash or/
Get your mama out the hood and hit with some cash/
How long will it last/
Till your days in the light start fading in the end/
And it becomes dark once again/
Alone once again/
So I write though I might change my views once again/
I can pop bottle of the white till I binge/
And this the type of game that you play for a win/
When your hand goes out/
When hanging by a limb/


[Verse: Geri D' Fyniz]
Better believe I’m going in/
And I’m betting all the chips on me/
I told God I don’t want another hand/
This the life you gave me and I’m about to live it well/
In everything I learned a lesson/
I ain’t holding no regrets/
There’s no shame in my heart/
Mistakes made me a better man/
And as long as I want it/
I’m getting everything I can/
Ain’t no limits in my head/
I’m on a mission with a plan/
To keep on giving what you need/
And there ain’t nothing stopping me/

[Outro: Geri D' Fyniz]
Like I said before…
Life is what you make it…
So if you trying to win…
Keep going…
But it you trying to fail by not doing nothing…
Or you gone meet your destiny…
Better do something…
No need to be scared…
Let’s get it..

Geri D' Fyniz
Geri D' Fyniz, J.Gram Williams


Geri D' Fyniz loathes back biting snake individuals with a passion, but instead of busting their head till the white meat shows he decided to make a song about them. Geri also brought along J.Gram Williams for the ride as they trade 24 bar verses each sharing true stories of how they eliminated disloyal people from their lives permanently.


In the beginning we were cool but you were still saying/
That I was foolish cause you knew that I was making plans/
And thought you were the only one that was gone make it big/
Oh I…Know I…
You were on BS behind my back but smile up in my face/
And now no matter how you try you still can’t find a break/
Look like you’re headed nowhere that’s what you get for being fake/
Oh I…Know I…

(J.Gram Williams)
What happened to the real/
What happened to the love/
It’s like going in raw man without a glove/
You can’t trust these niggas just the man above/
Cause they smile in your face with a partial mug/
In the whip while you’re riding like a roller coaster/
Put glasses on your bar without a fucking coaster/
Disrespectful little niggas better move over/
Cause I’m coming for the game/
Better hand it over/
Get knock or laid down/
Get trampled over/
Cause its snakes in the grass back stabbing cobras/
I’m the captain of this boat/
I’ll throw you over/
Deep sea diving into David Jones locker/
I’ll have you missing like your nickname Hoffa/
When the whip game proper niggas wanna ride/
And if the G5 flying niggas wanna fly/
But my flow so sick you can take a dive…in/
No guts no glory/
I fathered these niggas where the test at Maury/
I’m trying to understand why they act so phony/
I didn’t even know they was sideways homies/
But they soften than a my little pony/
Got my eyes on you homie/
On the bandwagon you ain’t gotta ride little homie/
I don’t know you/
And I don’t trust you/
And I’m headed to the money/
I don’t need you/


(Geri D' Fyniz)
I’m either psychic or a prophet/
Cause I knew you was pulling what I thought/
But needed time to write out my conclusion/
Cause from the start while I was planning for a better life/
You was looking at me funny like I lost my mind/
Steady thinking to yourself/
Ain’t no way he can do it
How in the hell is he gone win/
When he surrounded by losing/
Trying to keep me stagnant/
Thinking I was clueless/
But behind the scenes/
Suckers I was steady proving/
And as soon as I started doing putting vision in movement/
I got a rude awakening to show me who was the truest/
Used to hang with a big ol crew but now it’s two of us/
Because the strongest survived/
And they had noodle arms/
When my plans got even bigger/
And my vision grew greater/
So did the hatred in my world and a bunch of them fakers/
But I didn’t care about it/
Can’t nothing stop my focus/
As long as family is with me I’mma keep it going/
But then my reality knocked the wind out of me/
It’ sad that family members can be your biggest enemies/
And act more jealous than a stranger on the street/
Trying to knock me down cause great things they can’t see/
The world is already setup in opposition/
Trying to shut me up because they know I’m on a mission/
But God as my witness/
I ain’t quitting no matter how hard the lick is/
I’mma steady keep it ticking living life so relentless/


Geri D' Fyniz