Geri D' Fyniz


Ready to Win - EP

by Geri D' Fyniz

Released 12-13-2011
D' Fyniz Enterprises
Released 12-13-2011
D' Fyniz Enterprises
Ready To Win shares a collections of songs that highlights some trials and victories that Geri D' Fyniz encountered making his first music project. It's a soundtrack of tenacity.
All tracks were written, recorded, and produced by Geri D' Fyniz of D' Fyniz Enterprises & D'Fyniz KREATIONZ (ASCAP)

J.Gram Williams appears courtesy of Street Melody Drums Majors

Nitese Alawn appears courtesy of D' Fyniz Enterprises.

All songs were mixed and mastered by Derek "DC" Cannon of Flyy City Media Group LLC at Flyy City Studios Chicago.
all rights reserved