Geri D' Fyniz

The Black C.O.D.E 2

Real Sh** Rant

by Geri D' Fyniz

Released 2019
D' Fyniz Enterprises, LLC
Released 2019
D' Fyniz Enterprises, LLC
A mic and dope beat can be the perfect alternative to traditional therapy.
Geri D’ Fyniz provides life reflection in a 2 minute track expressing irritation with a vast majority of subjects. Geri implies that some of the irritation sparks feelings of aggression. However, beING able to release grievances through music createS a therapeutic feeling that limits the use of force.

Lyrics, Performance, and Vocal Production by Geri D' Fyniz of D' Fyniz Enterprises, LLC
Music Composition and Production by Oracle Beats
Additional Production, Mixing, and Mastering by Portiay Williams of


If it ain't bout me building wealth
Then reaIly ain't shit else left to say me
I don't entertain the corn ball shit
Ain't fucking with these lames
So don't play with me

It's too many grown ass kids out here
Chatty patty men
Spreading rumors for attention
Flapping yo loose lips
Too scary to do shit
And I don't respect you
Y'all niggas is useless
Got me feeling ready to peel caps
Trigger finger itching
While I'm pulling the slide back
I'm ready to blick
Matter fact real shit
I'm not gone get to the blicking
I'mma just smack up y'all niggas
Because y'all niggas is bitches. Yep
But back to my business
I'm tryna multiply the interest
Off my dividends
Finding ways to get more ends
I'm relentless
I learn it's better to just
Cyphen chips
From people without melanin
If you wanna keep the dough flowing
Most of your of "own"
Don't break bread
No need to lie
This is my life experience
I live so fearless
And forever gonna talk my shit
None of you dusty
Muh fuckas gonna make me quit.
I used to struggle hard as fuck
Just to do this shit
I bet it all on me
Because I'm too legit
No lie the same
MFs that ain't even care
Will be the same MFs
Begging for a hand
Got damn
That karma hitting
Like a hurricane
It's all above me now
I'm staying in my lane
That's how I stay sane
Cause I be got damn
If I let another nigga own my name
This a Real Shit Rant
I'm feeling therapeutic
Cause biting my tongue
Is so got damn futile
A born straight shooter
So I'mma gonna keep shooting
These haters wonder how I do it
They clueless
I set the bar up high
So only bosses can reach it
I don't care for allegiance
With people acting like leeches
Don't need no rap niggas as friends
I ain't beggin for features
I ain't built to phony
And I ain't dropping my fees
When on your grizzy
Lazy niggas wanna ride ya wave
But this business not personal
& I know the game
If you my fam and it's love
Then we all straight
But weirdo niggas
Gotta empty out fucking bank
This a grown man biz
Time to grow up
Cuz life will get you
If you get life fucked up
I hate to do this shit
But I'll repeat
This Real Shit Rant
Was definitely needed