Match My Vibe

Geri D' Fyniz

A smooth Hip-Hop & R&B song geared towards attracting TRUE LOVE.

Geri D’ Fyniz comes with a softer more fun approach to share his views on his ideal love interest. Geri vehemently states that he doesn't have a specific type, but is extremely particular about what he likes. That may confuse the wrong types, but hopefully if attracts the right goddess that matches his vibe.

Lyrics, Performance, and Vocal Production by Geri D' Fyniz of D' Fyniz Enterprises, LLC Music Composition and Production by Kevin Frytz of Additional Production, Mixing, and Mastering by Portiay Williams of

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(INTRO) Got me feeling like I want you I really need that in my life But truthfully before we get there Girl you gotta match my vibe

(Bridge) Now truthfully I don't have a specific type I'm just particular About the things I like I'm far from shallow But I want her Easy on my eyes And most importantly She gotta match vibe

Hook x2 She gotta match my vibe She gotta match my vibe...x2 She gotta match my... x2

(Verse) I'm honest to admit That I avoid the fuck shit It's more productive things to do So I don't need disruptions I put more value in myself Don't care for no ones drama Won't get a minute Of my time Not One Iota And yes that energy projected Is only gonna connect with A goddess that's self secure Futile bull shit Will not affect her She ain't worried bout the yoni On my timeline Cause she knows Her yoni is the only one I fine dine And She match my hustle perfect Even puts Me on game So why I'm getting the bag She finds ways to duplicate it She my peace I'm her rock And everything in between Cause see we got Authentic love This shit ain't a meme


Hook 2x

Verse I love a girly chick Face beat, hair whipped Fingernails, toes, and clothes Always far from basic It ain't just about appearance For sure for certain But I gotta like the way she look When I see her in person Up next she gotta have intellect All dez birds on the internet They really should disconnect And get they Chakras reset This toxic ratchet shit Is really far from cute I love women too much To watch em act so foolish And no I don't gas up Bullshit These brown nosing niggas Lying just to get ass Keeping women Game goofy clueless It's time to level up Dead ass no cap It's enough people lying I'm just giving all facts

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