You Better Know

Geri D' Fyniz

Geri called on the spirit of revolution from his ancestors. This record is the anthem to ending Systematic White Supremacy. The lyrics urge listeners to recognize and eliminate any threat with extreme hostility.

Geri D' Fyniz called on the spirit of revolution from his ancestors. With his record he didn't beat around the bush nor sugar his agenda in the music industry or life. This record is the anthem to ending Systematic White Supremacy. It offers just enough 808 boom and snare drum pop to command your attention. The lyrics then keep your attention by urging you to recognize and eliminate any threat against your survival and the survival of anyone about Black Empowerment.

This record was Written, Performed, Recorded, and Produced by Geri D' Fyniz of D'Fyniz Enterprises. Mixed and Mastered by Portiay Williams of

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(Verse) Funny how you act so tough When the person look like you Wanna knock a nigga out Just for stepping on your shoes If you heard that they were yapping You ready to peel a cap But in the face of real danger Acting blind, deaf, and mute Ridiculous and sickening We still need some solutions What we're doing isn't working Duplicating it is useless People stuck up in the past Need to get back to the future Cause they only press record When Race Soldiers come abusing You think that we outnumbered From believing all they lies You trained to hate yourself Because you're looking through they eyes You really think your drink Is gone be colder with they ice You're delusional You think just cause they smiling...They nice Look I'm saying this with love I'm not tryna beat you down But most people will not learn Till they laying on the ground It's a sad thing to say Too many comfortable slaves Living in the USA Even in this day and age

(Hook) Stop all that mean mugging Hating on ya self..On ya self We gotta present and a future to protect You Better Know (Who Is The Threat) x4 You Better Know...

Stop all that backstabbing Snitchin on ya kin...On Ya Kin We at war and you killing off ya men You Better Know (Who Is The Threat) x4 You Better Know...

(Verse) These racists are emboldened And displaying all they hate Cause they got the green light From the head of the USA They're in survival mode While you steadying playing games This is Chess not Checkers And they tryna Check Mate So they go for easy targets Attacking people that's harmless Then try to justify it Using bullshit jargon It's so alarming And we done being victims Cause we will shoot back Shout out to Robert Williams Shout out Khalid Muhammad And the Deacons for Defense And every single protector That's Armed and African Don't want no trouble But ain't scared to end it I want all Black folks Using the 2nd Amendment We gotta be relentless Protecting women and children From all type of terror Whether domestic or foreign Much love to AL And the Armed Black Movement It's a natural born right So don't make me have to use it


(Verse) You gotta lead yourself Can't expect nobody else To find it up in they heart To treat you with some respect Cause that's one of the reasons They foot is still on our neck We got the power to be free We just ain't using it yet We gotta recognize deception And how it is their business When they hit us with deflections They only cause division They will have us up in arms Steady fighting colorism While locking all shades of black people Up in fucking prison I'm only speaking truth I don't care if your believe it I'm talking to the real ones I don't care who fucking sleeping We gotta realize that Some people won't make it That time is here So let's go ahead for liberation It's unity that they hating So let's get on code Don't have to ask them for shit I'm ready so let's go And for all white people That wanna "HELP" black folks Just tell us who the racist people are That's even if you know them

(Hook) 2x

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