From the recording Talk Black To Me

Geri D' Fyniz spared no feelings when showing Unapologetic love for black culture. Geri now takes it a step further by instructing all to "Talk Black" aka keep it Original aka Real with him.
Lyrics, Performance, & Vocal Production by Geri D' Fyniz  Music Composition & Production by Kevin Frytz  of Frytzbeats.comAdditional Production, Mixing, & Mastering by Portiay Williams of


Tell me who gettin itTell me who ain'tI can read between the lines most can'tPerception is a motherfuckerWearing a busted rubberGiving birth to all y'all fakes
Tell me who gangstaTell me who notTell me who lyin bout work that they gotTell me who screaming this they blockAnd ain't did shit about theseRace soldier problems
Tell me who conscious Tell me who sleepI'm sicka fake activistsJust postin memesAll dey doin is masturbatingAbout what they name isAnd all victims of the same enemy
Tell me what's the planCause y'all wasting hella timeAll that back & forth ya doingain't making you a dime
Tell me what's the truthIt's too many Alt- FactsTell me if you really wanna buy the hood backTell me when you're startingMatter fact let me see itI ain't got time for goofiesJust playing make believeWe in a war zoneI don't know what y'all thinkingIf u get caught slippingMight end up leakingI'm Jus talkin real shitNigga I ain't preachingMost of y'all dim witsWon't believe till you see itAll this cooningGone catch You a beatinSabotaging black livesWe gone stop you from breathingThat was a promise not a threatThem hittas are readyWhen shit hits the fanDey keep eyes on front sights While we aiming (POW)
Won't be no more talkingOr asking for justiceIf you oppositionYou faded (Adios)
Ya revolution ain't winningIf you waitin and begging for some permissionFrom the same assholes With a system in placeGiving crumbsWhile they steady making billionsOn my lifeI say fuck thatI'm not clueless
What You thinking I'mma Buck dance Like Ray Lewis
I switched up the flow But my bars are not typical
I know I got you thinkingWhile you listen to this beat thatHow the fuck he spitting knowledgeAnd I'm feeling hella littyguess this what the game is missingTurn up music with a meaning (For Real)I waited my time (Time)Now I'm here to get it (get it)Mutha Fuck a cosign (Fuck it)Or artificial gimmicks (Facts)Don't need no handouts (nope)Cause my grind is so authentic (yep)So I ain't signing shit (fuck a deal)I'm Mr. independentPut myself onWithout begging or luckI don't need no one's helpI can hold my own nutsWrite my own fuckin songsBuilt my own studio Putting up my own doughI can say what I wantTime to put the bullshit to a ceaseWhile I'm making real shit For the streetsIt's long overdueBut I'm pushing throughTake all the chipsjust bet em on meTell me who the hottestTell me who wackYall keep Giving weak Muh fuckas passesThen complainingMumble Niggas Is Killing rapBut ain't spending a dimeTo bring that real shit backNo shade
I spit fuggin factsIf you get offended Blow it out your assI'm gone talk my shitAnd keep it real brashAin't looking for friendsJust give me cash(In Bitcoins)I ain't much for the braggin (nah)But I'm the dopest up in my laneTreat da rap game like a toiletJust came through defecatingGot hella love for my city (Chi-Town)But I ain't beggin them to paidI ain't beggin them to give playsI ain't payin to perform on stageI'mma keep it a buck fiftyLike a bezzle in a fittedFly high above the fuck shitWithout plans of a descensionNot to mention I'm in charge of all of thisI'mma say that shit againI'm the boss give me my ends