From the recording i'm D.O.P.E - EP

Geri D' Fyniz loathes back biting snake individuals with a passion, but instead of busting their head till the white meat shows he decided to make a song about them. Geri also brought along J.Gram Williams for the ride as they trade 24 bar verses each sharing true stories of how they eliminated disloyal people from their lives permanently.


(Hook)In the beginning we were cool but you were still saying/That I was foolish cause you knew that I was making plans/And thought you were the only one that was gone make it big/Oh I…Know I…You were on BS behind my back but smile up in my face/And now no matter how you try you still can’t find a break/Look like you’re headed nowhere that’s what you get for being fake/Oh I…Know I…
(J.Gram Williams)What happened to the real/What happened to the love/It’s like going in raw man without a glove/You can’t trust these niggas just the man above/Cause they smile in your face with a partial mug/In the whip while you’re riding like a roller coaster/Put glasses on your bar without a fucking coaster/Disrespectful little niggas better move over/Cause I’m coming for the game/Better hand it over/Get knock or laid down/Get trampled over/Cause its snakes in the grass back stabbing cobras/I’m the captain of this boat/I’ll throw you over/Deep sea diving into David Jones locker/I’ll have you missing like your nickname Hoffa/When the whip game proper niggas wanna ride/And if the G5 flying niggas wanna fly/But my flow so sick you can take a dive…in/No guts no glory/I fathered these niggas where the test at Maury/I’m trying to understand why they act so phony/I didn’t even know they was sideways homies/But they soften than a my little pony/Got my eyes on you homie/On the bandwagon you ain’t gotta ride little homie/I don’t know you/And I don’t trust you/And I’m headed to the money/I don’t need you/
(Geri D' Fyniz)I’m either psychic or a prophet/Cause I knew you was pulling what I thought/But needed time to write out my conclusion/Cause from the start while I was planning for a better life/You was looking at me funny like I lost my mind/Steady thinking to yourself/Ain’t no way he can do itHow in the hell is he gone win/When he surrounded by losing/Trying to keep me stagnant/Thinking I was clueless/But behind the scenes/Suckers I was steady proving/And as soon as I started doing putting vision in movement/I got a rude awakening to show me who was the truest/Used to hang with a big ol crew but now it’s two of us/Because the strongest survived/And they had noodle arms/When my plans got even bigger/And my vision grew greater/So did the hatred in my world and a bunch of them fakers/But I didn’t care about it/Can’t nothing stop my focus/As long as family is with me I’mma keep it going/But then my reality knocked the wind out of me/It’ sad that family members can be your biggest enemies/And act more jealous than a stranger on the street/Trying to knock me down cause great things they can’t see/The world is already setup in opposition/Trying to shut me up because they know I’m on a mission/But God as my witness/I ain’t quitting no matter how hard the lick is/I’mma steady keep it ticking living life so relentless/