From the recording i'm D.O.P.E - EP

On this track Geri D' Fyniz & J.Gram Williams metaphorically compare the risk of living every day life to gambling for monetary gain. Produced over Brass section, Pizzi Violin, and Drum infused excellence Geri D' Fyniz displays his production skills in creative fashion. The record speaks with a overall theme of risking it all for success especially since living life is unexpected and life isn't guaranteed.


[Intro: Geri D' Fyniz]They say life is what you make it…Whether you going all in…Or you to scared to try…But question is…Which one you doing…Let’s go…
[Verse: Geri D' Fyniz]I’m from that neighborhood known as Roseland/Grind hard is the slogan/Hustling in my blood line/So this life wasn’t chosen/As a kid I stayed focused/On making money my friend/That’s why I don’t know what broke is/I’ve been committed to putting greatness in everything/The game need a spark/And I’m the gasoline/Lyrical fire coming out of my lips/Making suckers wanna retire every time that I spit/I go up against the odds and challenge statistics/Like I’m playing a dice game and I don’t feel like quitting/Just let it ride/I’m relentless/And never trying to limit/How far I wanna go/Going high in the music business/A strong black king/I feel so proud/If I fail reaching for stars/I’ll still land on a cloud/I’m saying it real loud/I will not lose/I made it through the hard times/And paid all of my dues fool/
[Hook: Geri D' Fyniz]2xEvery day is a card game/And nights are like blackjack/I’m searching for 21s/To make all my chips stack/I’m never gone fold/If pressures too hard to handle/I’m betting it all/Because my life is a gamble/
[Verse: J.Gram Williams]We betting these horses/Just to cop a chain and put a gate around a fortress/Just to say we fly to put that G5 up in orbit/And all we need is fans who resisting they soar/Man its snakes in the grass/Old friends from the pass might interrupt your class/Cause you never came back to put a tip up in his glass/And this becomes a trend and it spreads like a rash/And I don’t wear diapers/You can stay up off my ass/Do we do it for the flash or/Get your mama out the hood and hit with some cash/How long will it last/Till your days in the light start fading in the end/And it becomes dark once again/Alone once again/So I write though I might change my views once again/I can pop bottle of the white till I binge/And this the type of game that you play for a win/When your hand goes out/When hanging by a limb/
[Verse: Geri D' Fyniz]Better believe I’m going in/And I’m betting all the chips on me/I told God I don’t want another hand/This the life you gave me and I’m about to live it well/In everything I learned a lesson/I ain’t holding no regrets/There’s no shame in my heart/Mistakes made me a better man/And as long as I want it/I’m getting everything I can/Ain’t no limits in my head/I’m on a mission with a plan/To keep on giving what you need/And there ain’t nothing stopping me/
[Outro: Geri D' Fyniz]Like I said before…Life is what you make it…So if you trying to win…Keep going…But it you trying to fail by not doing nothing…Or you gone meet your destiny…Better do something…No need to be scared…Let’s get it..