From the recording i'm D.O.P.E - EP

No major deal, no cosigns, and no excuses. Geri D' Fyniz lives life with extreme tenacity. With that said Geri alongside Chester, PA rapper Young Nye created the ultimate victory track. The record speaks to any weary warriors that may need a boost in order to persevere. In the hook Geri acknowledges the fact that the struggle comes before success. However, both of these artists spit lyrics as victors instead of victims of the circumstances.


(Young Nye)Yeah…I try to tell them man…Just keep hating it’s motivation of here baby…It’s a lot of money to be made you understand…From PA to Chi-Town…D’Fyniz Enterprises(Hook)2xIf it ain’t hard then it ain’t worth it/If they ain’t hating then you ain’t working/But if it is don’t ever quit/Cause you’re about to get the win/(Young Nye)I ain’t got a plan B cause I’m good with rap/And moving forward to my dreams no looking back/Feeling strange cause these haters trying to push me back/We in a game full of suckers/Bunch of pussy cats/I told them never will I lose/I’m in it for the win/Duffle full of cash I’mma spend ever end/I won’t settle for a five/I’m in it for a ten/I gotta live it up for my niggas in the pen/I put on for my city tell them hate on that/Playing tag with the money made it chase me back/And I don’t think you broke niggas can relate to that/They wanna see me downfall and the prey on that/You gotta grind for what you want/I don’t wait on jack/I’m putting pressure on the game/Heavy weight on cats/A bunch of dirty ass niggas/Tell them soak in soap/The grind is like a drug to me and I overdose/(Hook)2x(Bridge) 4xYou gotta/Keep Going 2xRight Now/Keep Going 2x(Geri D'Fyniz)Seems like the closer I get the challenge really increases/But I was built for hard times so the struggle can’t beat me/I’m so deep up in this hustle/Muh fuckas can’t see me/Cause y’all steady chasing a deal while I’m build a legacy/I really could care less about my local buzz/Cause I’m international fool building global love/My fans speak a different language but know how to say D’Fyniz/So the fact that suckers hate means I’m doing it right/I don’t pay people to listen they do it on their own/That’s probably why they know the lyrics to all of my songs/And I don’t have to sell tickets or pay for shows/These rappers saying they pimps/But they really are hoes/Cause they was told something sweet that they wanted to hear/Now they think they’re blowing with a successful career/But y’all were led to a dead end/Cause big things don’t fall out the sky/You gotta make them happen/For real/(Hook) 4x(Bridge) 4x